Walls Within Walls

Related Activities & Book Talk Teasers

Walls Within Walls project ideas:

Walls Within Walls Treasure Hunt Game: http://www.booksandgames.com/freegames/walls-within-walls-treasure-hunt

Discussion questions (Scroll to middle of the page after the summary): http://sweetonbooks.com/all-titles/460-walls-within-walls.html

Solve puzzle games and brainteasers:

Create your own puzzles/codes.  Here is an article, “Crack the Code!” by Dr. Heather Coughlin from California State University to help: http://www.csustan.edu/math/Coughlin/SMC06.pdf

New York City photo tour and lesson:

Students can create outlines or silhouettes of some of the buildings from the book.  See the “Other Links & Resources” section for more information on these buildings/structures.

Study some of the poets in the book and read more of their poetry.

Book Talk Teasers 

Read the inside flap of the book jacket.

Read the first paragraph on page 41 through the end of the chapter.

Read Chapter 12.


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