Waiting for the Magic

Related Activities & Book Talk Teasers

Waiting for the Magic – Character Analysis Recipe (pdf)

Waiting for the Magic – Plot Notes (pdf)

View your local animal shelter’s website and discuss why people might have to give up their pets and why someone else would adopt them. Discuss any other thoughts about animal shelters.

Be proactive as a class or as a school. As a society, we need to take care of and protect animals. Check with your local animal shelter and see if they have any specific needs or collect money to help them provide for the daily care and medical treatment that they provide to these animals.

See “Other Links & Resources” page for more ideas.

Book Talk Teaser

People may drift apart 
But love can hold them together. 
Sometimes we find that love through magic – 
Sometimes that magic is all around us.

This is a story about all of these things. 

But it’s also a story about how 
four dogs 
and one cat 
help one boy 
and his sister 
save their family.

-From the front book flap

Read Chapter 1.


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