Laugh with the Moon

Related Activities & Book Talk Teasers

Write letters to school students in Kabudula, Malawi, to show your support and to provide them with an opportunity to practice their English language skills.  Send items from the Wish list or even have a fundraiser to help.  See the World Altering Medicine site for more details:

What would it be like to attend school in Malawi?  Watch a video showing life in a Malawi school (The first 10 minutes shows life in the school.  The second half talks about the organization Ripple, and how they are helping.):

Find out more about malaria and what is being done to stop it.  Make a brochure to present your information:

Collection of lesson plans and activities on PBS to learn about African culture:

Show students how their lives are connected to Africa by playing “Bingo!   The African Connection.”  See the directions and download the Bingo game board here:

Use photos to teach about Africa lesson plan from Boston University: 

Collection of lesson plans to teach about Africa:

Learning about the lives of children in Africa through picture books:

Make a mural like Clare and her friends did for the hospital:

Write a play like Clare and her friends did.  Except instead of using the play to teach English words, use it to teach Chichewa words using the glossary found on page 181.

Make mbatata (sweet potato) biscuits using the recipe on page 186.

Make African crafts:

Interactive activities and games about Africa:

Book Talk Teasers

Read the last paragraph on page 11 of Chapter 2.  Begin with, “We drive for miles and miles while the grainy dusk settles in and the colors disappear from the sky,” until the end of the chapter.

Read Chapter 11 from the beginning until page 58, ending with, “I nod once.  Then I crack the knuckles on each of my fingers and pray, pray, pray that I won’t cry.”

Read all of Chapter 16.


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