Related Activities & Book Talk Teasers

Discussion questions for Jangles (scroll down):

Tall tale activities/lesson plans (scroll down):






Lesson plan – “Write Like David Shannon”:

Make a fishing lure (with a paperclip hook):

Other activities:

  • Paint a mural or large picture on butcher paper based on the story.
  • Have children create their own tall tale character out of a paper plate for the head, construction paper for the body, and long cash register tape for arms and legs.  They might write an original story about this character on the parts of the character’s body.
  • Start a story with a tall tale flavor.  Go around the room and see if each child can add to the story, carrying it forward.  Goal:  be as outrageous as possible while still carrying on the story.
  • Construct a bulletin board or paper mural.  You create the under-the-lake setting, and the children create their under-the-lake, on-the-lake, or by-the-lake animals, plants, etc to add to the scene.

Book Talk Teaser

Read the first two pages of the story and show the illustrations.  Ask the children if they have ever gone fishing.


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