Readers Advisory

More Books Written and/or Illustrated by David Shannon (style appeal):

Picture Books – Telling a Story within the Story (theme appeal):

Barrett, Judi. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Life is delicious in the town of Chewandswallow where it rains soup and juice, snows mashed potatoes, and blows storms of hamburgers–until the weather takes a turn for the worse. (WorldCat.org)

Fagan, Cary. Mr. Zinger’s hat. When Mr. Zinger’s hat flies in and interrupts Leo’s playing, the two of them construct a story as to how exactly the hat took off. (WorldCat.org)

Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Papa tells Chita a story. A young African American girl shares a special time with her father as he tells her about when he was a soldier in Cuba during the Spanish-American War. (WorldCat.org)

Little, Jean. Once upon a golden apple. While on a picnic, a father puts together familiar elements from various stories until he comes up with a version his children like. (WorldCat.org)

Stevenson, James. Could be worse! Everything is always the same at Grandpa’s house, even the things he says – until one unusual morning. (WorldCat.org)

Picture Books – Fishing Stories (subject appeal):

Bania, Michael. Kumak’s fish: a tall tale from the far north. On a beautiful Arctic morning when Kumak and his family go ice fishing, Kumak hooks what seems like an enormous fish, and the entire village gets involved. (WorldCat.org)

Clements, Andrew. Big Al. A big ugly fish has trouble making friends he longs for because of his appearance – until the day his scary appearance saves them all from a fisherman’s net. (WorldCat.org)

Fox, Frank G. Jean Laffite and the big ol’ whale. When a huge white whale gets stuck between the banks of the Mississippi River causing the water to stop flowing, Jean Laffite finds a way to get the river moving again. (NoveList)

Pinkney, Andrea Davis. Peggony-Po. Peggony-Po, carved out of wood by his father, a one-legged whaler, determines to catch the huge whale that ate his father’s leg. (WorldCat.org)

Prosek, James. A good day’s fishing. A child searches through the hooks, lures, bobbers, and other paraphernalia in his tacklebox for the one thing he needs to ensure a good day’s fishing. Includes a detailed glossary. (WorldCat.org)

Seuss, Dr. McElligot’s Pool. A boy imagines the rare and wonderful fish he might catch in McElligot’s Pool. (WorldCat.org)

Wright, Catherine. Steamboat Annie and the thousand-pound catfish. An ornery giant catfish that does not like singing causes trouble for the residents of a little town called Pleasant, until Steamboat Annie teaches him a lesson. (WorldCat.org)

Chapter Book – Fishing Story (subject appeal):

Baurer, Hans and Catherine Maciola. Fishtale. Twelve-year-old Sawyer Brown, his sister Elvira, and friends head into the Mississippi bayou seeking “Ol’ One Eye,” the biggest, oldest, and meanest catfish around, in hopes of finding Sawyer’s widowed mother’s wedding ring, which was swallowed by a smaller fish. (WorldCat.org)

Picture Books – Tall Tales (genre appeal, funny):

Isaacs, Anne. Swamp Angel. Along with other amazing feats, Angelica Longrider, also known as Swamp Angel, wrestles a huge bear, known as Thundering Tarnation, to save the winter supplies of the settlers in Tennessee. (NoveList)

Kellogg, Steven. Mike Fink: a tall tale. Relates the extraordinary deeds of the frontiersman who became King of the Keelboatmen on the Mississippi River. (NoveList)

Kellogg, Steven. Paul Bunyan: a tall tale. Recounts the life of the extraordinary lumberjack whose unusual size and strength brought him many fantastic adventures. (NoveList)

Kellogg, Steven. Pecos Bill: a tall tale. Incidents form the life of Pecos Bill, from his childhood among the coyotes to his unusual wedding day. (NoveList)

Kellogg, Steven. Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett: a tall tale. Sally Ann, wife of Davy Crockett, fears nothing – and proves it when braggart Mike Fink tries to scare her. (NoveList)

Lester, Julius. John Henry. Retells the life of the legendary African American hero who raced against a steam drill to cut through a mountain. (NoveList)

Mora, Pat. Dona Flor: a tall tale about a giant woman with a great big heart. A giant lady with a big heart, sets off to protect her neighbors from what they think is a dangerous animal, but soon discovers the tiny secret behind the huge noise. (NoveList)

Schanzer, Rosalyn. Davy Crockett saves the world. Davy Crockett stops the evil Halley’s Comet from destroying the world and wins the heart of Sally Sugartree in the process. (NoveList)

Wood, Audrey. Illustrated by David Shannon. The Bunyans. Paul Bunyan, his wife, and their children do some ordinary things which result in the formation of Niagara Falls, Bryce Canyon, and other natural monuments. (NoveList)


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