Flying the Dragon

Related Activities & Book Talk Teasers

Kites and Kite Making:

Watch a National Cherry Blossom Festival Rokkaku Kite Battle: (2:46 minutes)

How to Make a Rokkaku Kite (includes written instructions plus a video demonstration): (10:34 minutes)

Making Rokkaku and Other Types of Kites (includes written instructions plus videos – click on “View Mirror at the KPB” for details of each kite):

Kite Activity Ideas:

“Kites in the Classroom” Resources for Different School Subjects (scroll down):

Making Paper Bag Kites:

How Kites Work – Indoor Experiments:

National Kite Month Website (see top of page for games and coloring pages):

Experiment: Flying a Kite with and without a Tail (scroll down):

Information about Kites As Well As a “Guided Tour” of Kites Followed by a Quiz (for older kids):

Kite Information and Activities Including Some Kite Printables That Can Be Colored and Flown (see “sun” and “dove” kite links):

Sixth Grade Teacher’s Lesson Plan for Kites:

Kite Lesson Plan for Grades 5-8:

Lesson Plan Which Includes Making a Diamond Kite:

Making an Inexpensive Kite:

Making Kite-shaped Snacks and a Kite Craft (scroll down):

Lesson Plans about Kites:

Kite Lesson Plan Including a Carp Kite Template:

Making a Small Kite Using Regular Paper and Origami:

Kite Making for Young Flyers (scroll down to see plastic grocery bag kite and what to use for string):

Writing Assignment about Kites (scroll down):

Kite Activities for Kids Including an Easy Way to Calculate How High Your Kite Flies:

Lesson Plans for Both Kite and Wind Themes in Many Curricular Areas (made for kindergarten teachers, but many of these activities could be adapted for older children):

Japan and Japanese Culture:

Play a Game and Learn about Japan at the Same Time:

Japanese Recipes – Make Some of the Dishes that Skye and Hiroshi Ate:

Learn Basic Japanese Phrases:

Quizzes about Japanese Culture:

Grandparent Activities: (song and lesson plans)

Music to Use with This Book:

“Let’s go fly a kite” from the musical “Mary Poppins”

Any Japanese traditional music, for instance “Sakura”

Booktalk Teasers

Read the front cover flap.

Read chapter 3.

Read from chapter 8, beginning at the page break on page 39 with “Hiroshi stood in front of his new class, head down and cheeks burning,” and stop near the top of page 41 with sentence, “Or was the boy making fun of him?”


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