Coral Reefs

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Coral Reefs – City of the Sea (pdf)

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Coral Reefs – What Did I Learn (pdf)

Coral Reefs – Where Are The Reefs of The World Activity (pdf)

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Use the following clips to take a virtual field trip diving a coral reef before or after reading the book. If used after reading, the teacher or librarian could pause at certain points and ask students to identify animals or comment on coral shapes.

Great Barrier Reef

Dive the Great Barrier Reef with Andrew Evans (4:26)

Treasures of the Great Barrier Reef – PBS (1995) full length documentary (53:35)

Diving the Ribbon Reefs (4:42)

Animals of the Meso-American Reef with Fantasea Dive

Cordelia Banks of the Meso-American Reef (3:51)

Google Earth tour of Reefs at risk (13:09)

Coral Reef Ecosystem (3:49)

Reef Corals up close 2009 (7:48)

Book Talk Teasers

Jason Chin has created another inventive eye-opening adventure, this time under the sea on the coral reefs of the world. During an ordinary visit to the library, a girl pulls this not-so-ordinary book from the shelves. As she turns the pages, the reality of the city around her slips away and she finds herself surrounded by the coral cities of the sea and the mysterious plants and animals that live, hunt, and hide there.

Coral Reefs is meticulously researched and filled with gorgeous panoramas of the teeming worlds that lie beneath the seas. Chin has packed a great deal of information into his concise text, and the blend of fantasy and realism in his watercolors will charm you.


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