Barnum’s Bones

Related Activities & Book Talk Teasers

Study guide for Barnum’s Bones:

Online paleontology activity:

Online puzzle and quizzes:

T. Rex online, printable and project activities:

Online dinosaur games:

PBS library of teaching videos for kids about dinosaurs (click through the pages to find the right subject and grade level for your students):

Download Junior Paleontologist Activity Booklet:

Two videos: “How do you become a paleontologist?” which mentions Barnum Brown (3:30 minutes), and a song, “I am a paleontologist” (2:58 minutes) (Scroll down):

“Life has a history” unit:

Dinosaur word search (printable):

Stegosaurus maze (printable):

Make a dinosaur cake:

Possible field trips:

A fossil hunt at a fossil-rich site, such as a road cut:

A visit to actual dinosaur tracks if you have any nearby:

A visit to related museum exhibit nearby:

Set up geology stations or do a geology lab:

A table with rocks (or pictures of rocks) to identify (You might be able to get some of these from a flooring store which might have broken tiles they could give you.):

A table with fossils (or pictures of fossils) to identify:

A table with pictures of dinosaurs to identify:

Book Talk Teasers

Read front cover flap and perhaps discuss the children’s favorite dinosaurs or whether any of the children plan to become paleontologists.


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