Barnum’s Bones

Other Links & Resources

About the book, author, and illustrator:
New York Times article

Author Tracey Fern’s website

Illustrator Boris Kulikov’s website

About dinosaurs and prehistoric time: (Texas fossils) (The latest news about dinosaurs)  (Includes, among other things, a 2:04 minute video of a T. rex skeleton being assembled at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.  Scroll down.)  (Among other things, includes a series of videos of clashes between different dinosaurs.)

About Barnum Brown and his discoveries:  (Includes audio and video as well as print information about Brown and his discoveries.)  (Includes video as well as print information.)   (3:53 minutes) (Includes link to photos of various expeditions and more.)    (Photocopies of field notes from Barnum Brown and Henry Fairfield Osborn.  Includes photos of them as well.)  (Includes a short video of Brown’s T. rex at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.)

About the Cretaceous Period (T. rex lived in the late Cretaceous Period):  (Includes a map of what the world looked like then.)  (Includes map and chart of geologic time.)  (Map of late Cretaceous Period)   (The End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction)  (Scroll down to click on different animals and plants that lived in that period.)


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