Balloons Over Broadway

Related Activities & Book Talk Teasers

Guides to Balloons over Broadway:

Activities and discussion suggestions for the classroom annotated with Common Core State Standards:

Educators Guide from the publisher’s website:

A ten-page activity booklet which could be printed out for each child:

Puppets and Puppetry:

How to make puppets, puppet play scripts, and more:

Thanksgiving: Crafts, etc:

Other Activities:

• Invite a puppeteer to your class to perform or instruct your children in how to make puppets.

• Buy large balloons and have the children draw on them before inflating. Inflate (preferably with helium), and have your own parade around the school or library.

• Discuss different Thanksgiving traditions in America or in your children’s families.

Book Talk Teasers

Read the front flap of the book jacket and show some of the illustrations. For discussion, ask the children if they have ever watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on television.


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