Balloons Over Broadway

Other Links & Resources

Book trailer:

About Melissa Sweet and the book:

Melissa Sweet’s website: 

“Five Questions for Melissa Sweet,” a print Hornbook interview:

Video interview with Melissa Sweet (lots of background noise, but interesting interview)  (7:36 minutes):

“A Conversation with Melissa Sweet, Author of Balloons over Broadway.”  (print interview):

Information about the design of Balloons over Broadway:

About Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

Official Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade website:

Scroll down for some Macy’s parade footage and for photos of Tony Sarg and some of his creations:

Three videos for children about the Macy’s Day Parade, including one which shows how the huge balloons are made today:

Other related websites:

How helium balloons work:

Website with lots of links to informational sites about puppets and puppetry (scroll down):


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