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Readers Advisory

By the same author: Sara Varon

Varon, Sara. Robot dreams. This very popular wordless graphic novel portrays the enduring friendship between a dog and a robot. (

Varon, Sara. Chicken and Cat. When Cat feels sad about living in the hustle and bustle of the city, Chicken finds colorful ways to make Cat feel better. (

Varon, Sara. Chicken and Cat clean up. Although making his best friend, Cat, a partner in his new housecleaning business seemed to be a good idea at first, Chicken gets a rude awakening when he discovers just how clumsy his coworker is, but with a little encouragement and some words of wisdom, Cat makes amends and puts a new foot forward to make their business a smashing success. (

Graphic: Friendship

Beaty, Andrea. Attack of the fluffy bunnies. At Camp Whatsitooya, twins Joules and Kevin and new friend Nelson face off against large, rabbit-like creatures from the Mallow Galaxy who thrive on sugar, but are not above hypnotizing and eating human campers. (NoveList)

Going, K.L. (Kelly L.). Dog in charge. When his human family goes to the store, Dog is left in charge of five wiley cats. Adult-directed text. (NoveList)

Gutman, Dan. The Christmas genie. When a meteorite crashes into a fifth-grade classroom at Lincoln School in Oak Park, Illinois, the genie inside agrees to grant the class a Christmas wish–if they can agree on one within an hour. (NoveList)

Mortensen, Lori. Cindy Moo. After hearing the famous nursery rhyme, the Diddle herd decides it is impossible for a cow to jump over the moon, but Cindy Moo is determined to discover how it can be done. (NoveList)

Mortensen, Lori. The missing monster card. Ethan can’t wait to show Zach his new monster card. But when Ethan can’t find the new card, the search for the missing monster card begins. (NoveList)

Mortensen, Lori. Lost lunch. Andrew misplaces his lunch and then, with the help of his best friend, Dylan, spends recess searching for it. (NoveList)

Mortensen, Lori. First day, no way!. When Kaylee ends up in a different class than her best friend Jenna she is sure that it’s going to be a terrible year. Without Jenna by her side, she has a horrible first day of school, but then she meets somebody who might be able to cheer her up. (NoveList)

Mortensen, Lori. The cat that disappeared. Ava’s cat goes missing right before the pet show. Ava, Clair, and Caleb have to find Oatmeal before the show begins. (NoveList)

Mortensen, Lori. The end zone. Although Olivia loves to play flag football, the boys in her school won’t let her play, until one day they are short a player and Olivia sets out to prove that she deserves to be on the team. (NoveList)

Mortensen, Lori. Vote for our zoo. If a special city vote doesn’t pass, the zoo will have to close. Will Jamie and her friends’ campaign be able to save the zoo? (NoveList)

Graphic: Baked Goods

Eliopoulos, Chris. Okie Dokie donuts, vol. 1. When Big Mama, owner and baker at Okie Dokie Donuts, receives a giant robot baker to make her donuts, calamity ensues. (NoveList)

Friesen, Ray. Cupcakes of doom. When Viking Pie becomes a more popular snack than Pirate Cookies, the pirates search for the lost recipe for the Cupcakes of Doom, the ultimate pastry. (NoveList)

Holm, Jennifer. Babymouse: cupcake tycoon. It’s champagne wishes and cupcake dreams for Babymouse. The school library is having a fund-raiser, and Babymouse is determined to raise the most money. (NoveList)

Graphic: Series

Guibert, Emmanuel. Sardine in outer space. The exploits of the mischievous girl pirate named Sardine, as she and the crew of the spaceship “Huckleberry” sail across the universe saving the galaxy. (Betty Potter)

Holm, Jennifer L. Babymouse. This popular series features the many experiences of Babymouse, heroine of the before mentioned Cupcake Tycoon. (Betty Potter)

Perlman, Rhea. Otto undercover. The escapades of undercover agent Otto Pillip. All these books include words spelled backward, anagrams, and palindromes. (Betty Potter)

Peterson, Stephanie True. Extreme team. This series features sports topics, for example, BMX biking, snowboarding, and skateboarding. (Betty Potter)

Peterson, Stephanie True. Graphic spin. This series features myth, legend, fairy tale topics, for example, John Henry, The princess and the pea, and Rapunzel. (Betty Potter)

Peterson, Stephanie True. Graphic flash. This series features disaster stories, for example, a young person’s trip on the Titanic or during Hurricane Katrina. (Betty Potter)

Peterson, Stephanie True. Matt Christopher sports fiction. This series features Matt Christopher sports fiction in graphic format. (Betty Potter)

Townsend, Michael. Kit Feeny. The ongoing adventures of Kit Feeny. (Betty Potter)


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